As some of you know, we will be closing the store @rspvstore through December and using the space to collect new/unused/unopened toys for children whose parents are not in a position to buy their child/children even one Christmas present to open on Christmas morning. ‪From this Sunday‬, we will be accepting your kind gifts at RSPV, 34 Chiswick Lane, W42JQ – please don’t wrap them as we need to see what each toy is at the distribution stage. Please note the times that the store will be open for you to deliver toys in person and also a guide for which toys are most needed for which age group. If you are posting toys, please could you kindly ensure they arrive by ‪the 15th of December‬. You can donate money via PayPal account and I will personally be making two trips to a children’s toy store to buy presents on your behalf ‪on Monday 5th December‬and ‪Monday 12th December‬ (if anybody I know can come with me, it would be greatly appreciated as I will need help transporting the toys in both of our cars I am sure – please email me). If donating via PayPal, please ensure you use the ‘Friends and Family’ transfer option otherwise part of your money will be taken as a PayPal fee – and please use the reference TOY DONATION. Please do not donate money after 12noon ‪on Monday 12th December‬ as this will be the last day I will be buying presents with your kindly donated money – toys can still be posted and hand delivered/couriered until the morning of the ‪15th December‬. The toys will be taken to two central charity offices and will be distributed by Christmas Eve to deserving families who have reached out for help and desperately want their child/children to be able to open a present on Christmas morning.
Thank you all so so much, we hope to collect a huge number of toys and your help is so greatly needed and appreciated!
RSPV will be open to receive toys by hand delivery/courier: 27.11 ‪3.30pm-4.30pm‬. 28.11 ‪9.30am-11.30am‬. 29.11 ‪9.30am-11.30am‬. 30.11 12noon-2pm. 5.12 ‪9.30-11.30am‬. 6.12 ‪9.30am-11.30am‬. 7.12 ‪9.30am-10.30am‬. 8.12 ‪9.30am-11am‬. 10.12 ‪9.30am-11.30am‬. 11.12 ‪11am-1pm‬. 12.12 ‪11am-1pm‬. 13.12 ‪9.00am-10.00am‬. 14.12 12noon-1pm. 15.12 ‪10am-11.30am‬.
0-3 years: dolls, teddy bears, cot mobiles, baby clothes, bath toys, CDs of suitable music and nursery rhymes, puzzles 3-5: dolls, action figures, cars, lorries, DVDs and CDs (music and nursery rhymes), colouring sets, pencils, crayons, books, puzzles 5-9: educational games & toys, stationery (colouring sets, pencils, crayons, school sets), CDs & Disney/etc DVDs, books, puzzles, wordsearch, crosswords 9-12: games and toys, stationery, CDs, DVDs, books, gloves, scarves, hats 13-16: CDs, DVDs, books, make-up and toiletries (please try to ensure non-allergic ingredients if possible), gloves, scarves, hats, hair accessories